Helpful Hint #1 – For a portrait, imagine your pet’s most memorable pose – serious, thoughtful, funny, or in repose. Then think of where you'd want to display it and whether it would be appropriate. Of course, there might be more than one memorable pose! If so, then consider a multiple image portrait (see the menu / pricelist for the “add pose” option). This excercise helps decide other issues, such as size, orientation (portrait or landscape), meduim & paper stock selection.

Helpful Hint #2 – I utilize any information I can get from you about your pet to render his/her portrait. The most informative resource are photographs. 4 megapixel camera images or higher (set at maximum resolution) are preferred for detail. If you can see individual hair of the fur (or scales as the case might be!) zooming in on the image, the photo will work.

How to Place Your By EmailOrder

Step 1 – Determine what kind of portrait you’d like to have me do of your pet by looking at the menu/price list to your right.

Step 2 – E-mail me: A) Your name; B) Your complete mailing/shipping address; C) Your e-mail address; D) What you’d like to commission me to do (your order – number of portraits, content (pose, special instructions, medium, size & paper stock number); E) Information about your pet (photos, specific breed {if possible}, name, characteristics, etc.).

Step 3 – You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that I received your post. I’ll review your information and get back with you on your order’s specifics and give you a quote on the total cost of your project and time frame for completion.

Step 4 – Respond to my e-mail and let me know if you agree with the specifics of your order. To proceed with your order I will send you a PayPal® e-mail invoice for a 25% deposit. The invoice provides a secure way to pay online through PayPal with all major credit & debit cards (about PayPal invoicing).

Step 5 – Upon completetion you'll receive an e-mailed image of the finished portrait for your approval (in either “.jpeg/.jpg” or “.pdf” format – your choice).

Step 6 – Upon approval, I’ll send you another PayPal invoice for the balance due on your project. I’ll ship your pet portrait via United States Postal Service (unless another method is requested) with a tracking number (which I’ll include for your reference in a Shipping Confirmation e-mail) to ensure it’s arrival.

“Maggie” colored pencil, with white wash on paper “Schauzer” watercolor on paper “Sammy” pen on paper “Chevis” pen on paper “Spitz” watercolor on paper “LeCompte Dancer” colored pencil on paper “Brandy” colored pencil on paper


Helpful Hint #3 – Getting your pet to stay still while you take it's picture could be very difficult. If you already have a photo you like but you feel it doesn't have enough detail, you can suppliment it with one or two more that do. Send up to 3 pictures to cover pose, detail (especially the face), and any priceless expressions!

Helpful Hint #4 – Portraiture does involve a bit of a spiritual process, so anything you can tell me about your pet, his/her character, will be helpful and transferred into the portrait.

If you have any questions concerning these helpful hints or the requirements I've mentioned, please e-mail me at or call me at 501-519-1500.


Watercolor technique detail Colored Pencil technique detail Graphic Pen technique detail

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