Pet portraits are some of the most gratifying I undertake. Probably because of the nature of a pet’s “unconditional love.”  How can anyone resist it?

Here are some examples of my pet portraits. Each one has a unique look. The combination of medium, stock and client’s input bring out the pet's unique character.

The subject can be any pet you would like to immortalize, dogs, cats, horses or exotic animals.

Presently I offer portraits in colored pencil, watercolor and graphic pen. The pencil & pen mediums are rendered on premium Strathmore Artist Papers, colored or white stocks. The watercolor paintings are in a “wet technique” on premium Canson, white watercolor paper.

The sizes range from 8 x 10", 11 x 14" to 16 x 20". Special larger sizes can be commissioned.  Portraits can be rendered as bust, full body or a combination of both. In that vein, multiple subject portraits can be requested.

Helpful Tips & How to order...

“Maggie” colored pencil, with white wash on paper “Schauzer” watercolor on paper “Sammy” pen on paper “Chevis” pen on paper “Spitz” watercolor on paper “LeCompte Dancer” colored pencil on paper “Brandy” colored pencil on paper